Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dear Lord Launches Today!

The time has finally come to launch Dear Lord. For all of you who are in need of spiritual counsel, we are now open for business. You can find us

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Baby Pepper

Look at this pepper, isn't it adorable? This is the first of many peppers to come. I have beautiful green tomatoes, a little aneheim pepper, nice sturdy baby corn stalks and happy little squash plants. I am so happy that all of them are doing so well.

After that last frost earlier this month I was getting a bit annoyed at this Colorado weather. So far, no more frosts and the likelyhood of them coming back soon is pretty obsolete. How are your gardens doing? I would love to see some pics!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reno 911- Midnight Shootout Game

This Reno 911 Midnight Shootout Game is a hilarious game that is goofy and fun. It is based on the unrated Reno 911! Miami The Movie. You start out on a screen where you see civilians, police officers and criminals standing in front of those flat building you used to see in the old western games where you shoot the bad guy who pops up in the windows.
Anyway, you get to see where every one is for a few seconds and then the screen goes all black. You have to remember where the bad guys and the good guys are and you have 10 rounds to eliminate the bad guys. At the end of each round you get points based on how many bad guys you hit and "special people" such as mimes, clowns and laywers. You get points deducted for hitting inocents and police officers.
The funniest round is the last one where you are given a rocket launcher and told to hit a gang on top of a building but to be sure you don't actually hit the buildings. I was not able to master that round and completely destroyed the whole city.
The good news is that I was accepted by the Reno 911 team!!! Yipeee!! ha ha ha

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does your soil need sulfer?

Hey guys, I know that all of us test our soil to see what elements are missing. If you happen to be missing sulfur and would like a cost effective, practical way to get it into you soil, I have a tip for you.
When transplanting your plant into your garden bed, you would of course dig your hole. Now you know the little books of matches you get free at bars and some restaurants? Cut the tips off 6-12 of the matches right into the hole you are preparing for transplant, mix the match heads around in the soil a bit before placing your plant in the hole and you are ready to go. Easy huh?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reading Learning Program Offered By Score!

Ok, I know I keep talking about this Score program but if it hasn't convinced you to check them out, do it now! Ha ha. Anyway, in addition to the Summer Camp I told you guys about and the Math tutoring that I told you about too, SCORE also offers Reading Tutors! This is quite like the Math program where it offers the children learning at their own unique rate. As with all SCORE programs it also teaches the fundamentals in a fun and encouraging way, by highly trained tutors so the learning is easier and more productive.

Even if you home school your child, SCORE could be the answer to your frustrated readers, or even advanced ones. Their tailored to fit teaching tools helps a child who is struggling and behind in the subject to catch up, or even the accelerated child who is bored with the average reading lessons, to jump ahead into a level more comfortable and beneficial to them. Just take a look at it guys, their programs have something for everyone.

Planting Potatoes

Hey all, I am sure you all have you potatoes in the ground by now but I am wondering what technique you used. Last year my husband and I tried two methods of planting potatoes.

We planted one set of them in 5 gallon buckets, covering the tubers with about 2 inches of good soil, manuer and compost. As the tubers grew, we covered them with two more inches of the mixture at a time until we ran out of room in the buckets. After that slow process we just watered and watched the plants grow.

Our other method was putting the tubers directly on the ground. We did not worry about the type of soil the tubers were on. After placing the tubers on the ground, we covered them with about two feet of straw. Right after putting the straw down, we watered the massive pile until it flattened out a bit. We watered this pile regularly and when the tubers started peeking through the straw, we piled some more on top of them.

In both methods the tubers grew well and required little work. After the tubers started dying away and we pulled the potatoes out, we left them outside to dry for a few days.

The main difference between the two methods was that the potatoes grown in the straw were larger and easier to clean. While the bucketed potatoes were good sized they were harder to clean and cost considerably more. We had imported the soil being that we live in a sandy, dry area.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Planning A Trip? Have I Got The Site For YOU!

Hey all, are you planning on taking a trip any time soon? My family and I are going to go New York this summer to see the Yanks in their stadium one last time before they build the other one. When we do we had thought we would drive because to fly is too expensive. Boy were we wrong. I went to this Hotel Reservations web site that offers Cheap Air Fair, Cheap Hotels and Cheap Car Rentals.

I went searching for a flight from Denver, CO to Newark, NY and just about fell off my chair when I saw the price. For six of us it was under $1200!!! Can you believe that? At most sites, that's how much it would be for just four of us. I was so excited that I had to see what the combination of Air, Hotel and Car Rental would be. I laughed with pleasure to see that us six could take a flight from Denver, Colorado straight through to New York, stay in a hotel 1 mile from Times Square and have a minivan for our whole entire trip for less than 600 a person! Seriously, it equaled out to be $3431 for the ENTIRE trip! Can you even believe that?!

Ok, now I know I have been bragging about the prices and they are TRULY great but I also wanted to tell you guys about the user friendliness of the Hotel Reservations web site. It is so easy to navigate through and find exactly what you are looking for. I know you all know what I am talking about when I say that there are some really nice products and web sites out there, but the fact that they are hard to navigate will turn most users off. This is where is different. Every page I went to has easy to find information with step by step procedures to get you to the information that you are looking for.

If you are planning on a trip or even if you think you can't afford one, check out this site guys! It will be worth your time!

Roses and Raspberries getting munched on?

Hey guys, I know that most of you probably already know of this tip, but I thought just in case you didn't that I would share it with you.

To deter critters like rabbits and deer, plant garlic cloves or onion bulbs in the same area as your raspberries and roses. I know what you are thinking... garlic and onion bulbs take a while to get started. They have to be above ground before the smell can even be detected by the critters. Well, while you wait for your new best friends to grow up, just sprinkle some plain old garlic powder on your plants.

If you do choose the garlic powder method, be sure to reapply after rain or strong wind.

SCORE Learning Centers Offering Tutoring

All you parents probably read about my post a few days ago telling you all what SCORE Camp is all about. I was just reading about SCORE Learning Centers and they offer Math tutoring as well. They have highly trained Math Tutors who will help your child either catch up to his/her classmates or jump ahead of them in this accelerated learning program.

They also have a computer system that tailors to each child's learning level that allows the child to learn at their own pace and level. This sounds ideal for us parents who notice our child falling behind in class, or even notice our child getting bored with the Math assignments in school.

Even as a home school mother, the value of this SCORE Math Tutoring is invaluable. One of our 3rd graders struggles with Math and I think that SCORE may be the answer to our problem!