Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bid4Prizes- You Have Got To Check This Out!

Have you guys heard of It is the coolest sight ever! You have to check it out. The prizes offered are awesome too. The have some really cool prizes including a BMW! I would love to have all of the prized on the website but out where I live the BMW offered would get pelted to death by sand and rocks, I don't need a Plasma TV, there are six kids in my house and that thing would be broken in no time. So my top choice of prizes offered would be the Baja 110 ATV. I live on five acres of land which is attached to my mom and dad's five acres, not to mention the two mile block we live on out here. The roads are dirt, the streets are long and I can just feel that wind in my hair on a hot summer evening as I fly around the neighborhood. I NEED me a Baja 110!

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