Friday, June 15, 2007

Pay Per Post Direct Pays More, Less Hassle

Hey guys,
Have you noticed the dark blue badge on the side of my blog page that says “payperpost direct HIRE ME!”? Let me tell you a little about it. It is a handy little badge PayPerPost just came out with that allows advertisers to hire me for blogging about their site for them. You set the amount you would like to be paid on it and when the advertiser wants you to write something about their product, website, etc. they click on the badge and pay you for your post.

This is awesome. Now the good part: PayPerPost competitors charge 50% of the fee you are charging the advertiser for their own fee. PayPerPost charges….wait for it…10%! Can you believe that? You make 40% more posting for advertisers on PayPerPost Direct then you would at its competitors, such as ReviewMe. For example, say you want to be paid $100 to post something on your blog. With a competitor’s fee you would make $50. That’s not bad. Now let’s say you did the exact same thing on PayPerPost Direct. The advertiser was charged $100 and you keep $90. It is that simple. You would have lost $40 going with a competitor of PayPerPost Direct. Is there any doubt in your mind which one you should go with? I think not!

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