Saturday, June 16, 2007

Reading Learning Program Offered By Score!

Ok, I know I keep talking about this Score program but if it hasn't convinced you to check them out, do it now! Ha ha. Anyway, in addition to the Summer Camp I told you guys about and the Math tutoring that I told you about too, SCORE also offers Reading Tutors! This is quite like the Math program where it offers the children learning at their own unique rate. As with all SCORE programs it also teaches the fundamentals in a fun and encouraging way, by highly trained tutors so the learning is easier and more productive.

Even if you home school your child, SCORE could be the answer to your frustrated readers, or even advanced ones. Their tailored to fit teaching tools helps a child who is struggling and behind in the subject to catch up, or even the accelerated child who is bored with the average reading lessons, to jump ahead into a level more comfortable and beneficial to them. Just take a look at it guys, their programs have something for everyone.

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