Saturday, June 16, 2007

Planting Potatoes

Hey all, I am sure you all have you potatoes in the ground by now but I am wondering what technique you used. Last year my husband and I tried two methods of planting potatoes.

We planted one set of them in 5 gallon buckets, covering the tubers with about 2 inches of good soil, manuer and compost. As the tubers grew, we covered them with two more inches of the mixture at a time until we ran out of room in the buckets. After that slow process we just watered and watched the plants grow.

Our other method was putting the tubers directly on the ground. We did not worry about the type of soil the tubers were on. After placing the tubers on the ground, we covered them with about two feet of straw. Right after putting the straw down, we watered the massive pile until it flattened out a bit. We watered this pile regularly and when the tubers started peeking through the straw, we piled some more on top of them.

In both methods the tubers grew well and required little work. After the tubers started dying away and we pulled the potatoes out, we left them outside to dry for a few days.

The main difference between the two methods was that the potatoes grown in the straw were larger and easier to clean. While the bucketed potatoes were good sized they were harder to clean and cost considerably more. We had imported the soil being that we live in a sandy, dry area.

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