Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Other Published Works on Associated Content

Hey again, I have gotten a few more articles published on Associated Content if anyone would like to check them out. The first two I think I told you guys about. The first one was Seperation of Home and State. It is my views about why parents should homeschool, or at least why I homeschool my children.

The second article pertains to gardening! It is about a method of gardening called Companion Planting. It has quite a bit of info for any of you that don't know what Comapion Planting is.

The third and fifth articles are reviews of two of Colorado Springs local hot spots. One being the Flying W Ranch and the other being the Garden of the Gods.

There is a review on the Pirates of the Carabbean: At World's End, and the last one is my favorite. It is about the new Creation Museum developed by Answers In Genesis. Seriously guys check out the article and check out their site. It is beautifully done and they are taking a lot of heat for those of us who have been dying to take our children to a museum that doesn't start off saying... "Millions of years ago..."

I will link my articles on the side of the blog so you all can view them. They will be under the title: Associated Content Articles.
Thanks guys

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