Friday, June 15, 2007

SCORE Learning Centers Offering Tutoring

All you parents probably read about my post a few days ago telling you all what SCORE Camp is all about. I was just reading about SCORE Learning Centers and they offer Math tutoring as well. They have highly trained Math Tutors who will help your child either catch up to his/her classmates or jump ahead of them in this accelerated learning program.

They also have a computer system that tailors to each child's learning level that allows the child to learn at their own pace and level. This sounds ideal for us parents who notice our child falling behind in class, or even notice our child getting bored with the Math assignments in school.

Even as a home school mother, the value of this SCORE Math Tutoring is invaluable. One of our 3rd graders struggles with Math and I think that SCORE may be the answer to our problem!

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