Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reno 911- Midnight Shootout Game

This Reno 911 Midnight Shootout Game is a hilarious game that is goofy and fun. It is based on the unrated Reno 911! Miami The Movie. You start out on a screen where you see civilians, police officers and criminals standing in front of those flat building you used to see in the old western games where you shoot the bad guy who pops up in the windows.
Anyway, you get to see where every one is for a few seconds and then the screen goes all black. You have to remember where the bad guys and the good guys are and you have 10 rounds to eliminate the bad guys. At the end of each round you get points based on how many bad guys you hit and "special people" such as mimes, clowns and laywers. You get points deducted for hitting inocents and police officers.
The funniest round is the last one where you are given a rocket launcher and told to hit a gang on top of a building but to be sure you don't actually hit the buildings. I was not able to master that round and completely destroyed the whole city.
The good news is that I was accepted by the Reno 911 team!!! Yipeee!! ha ha ha

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